• Musical accompaniment of civil, church or free wedding with live singing and guitar accompaniment.
  • Accompaniment to the ceremony with a maximum of 4 songs from our repertoire.
  • Songs requests can be fullfilled
  • We offer German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Other languages on request.
  • Equipment sharing for the wedding or pastor possible on request.
  • Background music via our PA system after the wedding ceremony (max. 1/2 hour) included.

from 499 €
  • Light unplugged live music for afternoon entertainment.
  • Musical accompaniment for reception after the wedding, coffee & cake, as background music for the wedding cake or to entertain the guests. e.g. during the bride and groom photo shoot.
  • We would be happy to coordinate our repertoire with you in advance.
  • Choice 1: e.g. Sets of 2 x approx. 45 minutes.
  • Choice 2: e.g. Sets of 3 x approx. 30 minutes.

from 499 €
  • Live music for the evening event as a musical transition, party starter, or as a musical highlight during the evening of your wedding party.
  • Mix of multilingual summer hits with a predominant proportion of Spanish danceable songs: maximum mood with rhythmic background music.
  • We are happy to take on evening moderation and animation during our session.
  • We will either play your wedding dance live or organize worry-free reproduction.
  • Salsa beginners course on request.
  • Choice 1: e.g. Sets of 3 x approx. 45 minutes.
  • Choice 2: e.g. Sets of 4 x approx. 30 minutes.

from 599 €
All Inclusive
  • Book us for the entire day of your wedding and multiple concerts throughout all special moments.
  • If you book us for more than one package you can save.

Birthday Party:

  • Accompanying the entire event for the entire evening with max. 4 sets.
  • Klaroscuro arrives on time and integrates into the course of the event. Music is always played on demand.
  • Particularly great at barbecues or menu events, tapas evenings or where music can be integrated into the evening planning.
  • The musical accompaniment can be extended at any time for an additional charge.

from 499 €

New 2019: Live Salsa Dance course
Now available: Small dance classes of well-known Latin American dances followed by musical accompaniment.
Our salsa course is particularly popular.
New 2020: Proms and Dance events with Live music
Now available: musical accompaniment for dance balls. The best of Discofox, Cha Cha Cha and co.
NEW 2021: Ostseetrio
Klaroscuro now available with:

- Piano and additional female singer
- Percussion 
- Dancer for animation

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